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About Me

Reiki energy has been a major force of healing and change in my personal life. Some time ago,  I suffered from a very tragic set back in my life, which led to depression and other physical dis-ease.  Although I was not diagnosed with any serious illness, my body knew that something was not right, and I went in search of a remedy that was safe, natural, and without side effects. My intuition and study of metaphysics lead me to Reiki. 

Reiki transformed me on all levels- physical, emotional, spiritual- and from there I went on to study how to do Reiki to help others as I had been helped. During my studies, I worked extensively with my 3 dogs and 2 cats. I have saved on vet bills while also creating a deeper bond with my pets.

As a Reiki Master, my goal is to help spread Reiki to all those who seek sessions and training.  I want everyone to be able to experience for themselves the wonderful changes I have experienced in my own life.