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Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) is Japanese for Universal Energy.  Reiki is the Infinite energy that exists in and around all things.  This energy, when channeled by a trained practitioner, can be used to help an individual overcome spiritual, emotional, or physical obstacles. Reiki is done on a purely energetic level, effecting the mind, body, and spirit, either through the laying on of hands or with distance healings.

Reiki is a complementary therapy-it can enhance, but should not replace, your current treatment. Reiki is totally non-invasive and is safe for children, animals, and the elderly. 

Reiki is spiritual in nature, but is non-denominational. You do not need to have specific religious beliefs to perform or receive Reiki.  It has been stated that Reiki is the same energy that Jesus and other spiritual healers used throughout the ages.

Vision Statement

I wish to share Reiki with others as I believe that it is the spiritual right of every living being to have access to this wonderful healing energy. This site is dedicated to those who have inspired me throughout my journey:

 My beautiful daughter Francine who nurtured in me a love of animals,

 My beautiful pets who adorn me with so much love and learning

My special Reiki Master teachers Dawn and Shirley.